Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New year new toys new meds

If you follow me on Facebook you know I had surgery October 30th. Exactly 10 years to the day that my nightmare/ story started developing. I told ya'll I was going to blog more this year. I do mean it. I am not off to a good start though.

  I have to share some good news. Since my surgery I have been able to step down from 600 mg of topamax to 100 mg so far. The reason I had to go on the Topamax after my last surgery was I was I was having head rushes which now 5 years later and not wanting another surgery i went on the medicine that was suppose to lower spinal fluid. I know now the rushing pain that I was having was the shunt and anti siphon not holding spinal fluid back. When I would stand it would release all the spinal fluid at once. It was suppose to release the fluid slowly.
  I was kept in ICU for 2 days to monitor my fluid levels with my new shunt and low level anti siphon devise. I was never more thankful to have my best friend Deanna with me and my mom because I only had male nurses.

  My headaches are doing better unless there is crazy weather. I am really excited and looking forward to this summer with my Smoky.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Its nearly the New Year

I have had a roller coaster this year. After hurting with a faulty shunt for the pasting  few years I just thought this was going to be my normal pain level. I had the shunt replaced in October and I am doing so much better.

I lost my Pepper this year. But momma and daddy could not stand watching me hurt over him, they soon took me to find Smoky.

Smoky is nothing like Pepper. He gives kisses. Hugs everybody. Has the sweetest personality. Loves to cuddle! He knows so many tricks if you give him a treat.

I make all his treats. Also he is on a totally natural diet. This week he is having turkey and deer jerky.

January I will have been selling online a year now. I will be switching to mostly new this year. I already had a huge purge of my store and inventory.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Normal pressure hydrocephalus

I wanted to share this story. It is a wonderful success story. But the with all cases of hydrocephalus they are thinking s shunt is s cure.

Billy Graham was not told of needing revisions.  I remember hearing his sister or daughter saying they had no idea it (the shunt) would have to be replaced.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obama not fixing it

So how many more fixes can our economy afford?  I have disability through where I worked when I got sick in 2002.
  When I worked I paided for disability if I were to get sick. Long term and short term. Thinking that would take care of me if I ever got sick.

  If I had not had my 401-k to pay my house off I would be living on the streets. ..

I have had to start a web site selling things to make extra money. But to help others out too.

But seems since Obama has started doing the Obama care blow up! My sales are hurting...

This has scared people they are worried about spending money.

Monday, November 11, 2013

It the little things that really matter

It amazes me about people.  I like to show my scars I usually make a joke about I need a fuzzy hat llike that! I got a little girl talking to me and laughing by taking my hat off and asking if she wanted a hair cut like mine. She said shee did not know if her mom would let her. I then said I  had to because of surgery and kept it light and laughing.  She started telling me not to let anyone hurt my feeling. You could tell she had been taught to be good to people that had been sick.

So I was selling Saturday and Sunday with my mom 10 days  after being in ICU.  It was nice to see our friends.

You can figure people out out by the way they react to my scars. I'm usually joking to make people comfortable. I get a really good response to get to tell teach about hydro.  Until yesterday... I thiink I met the "ICE QUEEN!"

So it was cold and windy yesterday so they knew there would not be a lot of people staying they came to get  money for spots early. Kind a dirty nobody had time to do much.  I said what do you think about my hair cut... I get a a nod and hmmm...

Many people made up for this. But it still eats at me.

My mom was talking to a school friend J, his son living with him. J is selling and taking care of him and his girlfriend.

Momma started telling J how had been on my own since I was 20.

J said and "Monica is sick!"

My mom continued you tell him how I worked up until I got sick in 2002. I had 401-K I  I cashed in to pay off my house.

Besides selling with my mom on the weekend's I have my website I sell on. I am getting back to blogging. I don't make money blogging.  I just want to help people learn more about brain tumor, cancer, and hydrocephalus.